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Tisbury Great Pond State of the Pond Reports

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Chilmark and West Tisbury contribute to the 11,005-acre watershed.



The pond has an area of 662 to 800 acres, a mean depth of 5.4 to 8.2 feet, and a tidal range of 0.6ft.


Water Quality

The MVC categorized this pond as Impaired. Little, widely varied eelgrass. Occasional problems with wrack algae. Low dissolved oxygen in deep water. Water quality varies with duration of pond openings.


Up-Island 208 Project

The 208 Equivalency Report (aka Up-Island Management plan) is a comprehensive review of water quality and habitat conditions in five Up-Island watersheds. The information presented in the report is intended to provide criteria to Up-Island communities as they establish baseline assessment of existing conditions and finalize their nitrogen mitigation plans.

Massachusetts Estuaries Project Study

The Tisbury Great Pond MEP Report was released in August 2013.

Complete Tisbury Great Pond MEP Report.


- The MEP recommended regularly scheduled pond openings, particularly the summer opening in August, projecting that this should maintain nutrient levels for the acceptable habitat quality throughout the embayment.

- Oyster aquaculture project proposed.

- Over 100 cubic yards of shell was placed in June 2013 and seeded with spat from Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group also had natural set.


Pond Association

Riparian Owners of Tisbury Great Pond.

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Office location:

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