Edgartown Great Pond

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The 4850-acre watershed is almost completely in Edgartown, with a small area in West Tisbury.


The pond has an area of 544 to 840 acres, a mean depth of 3.0 to 4.3 feet, and a tidal range of 0.6 ft.

Water Quality

The MVC categorized this pond as Impaired. Water quality is impaired but varies with the success and duration of the inlet openings. Eelgrass is present.

Massachusetts Estuaries Project Study

The Edgartown Great Pond MEP Report was completed in December 2008.  The DEP determined a Total Maximum Daily Load of 46 kg/day.  


  • In recent years, water quality has improved greatly with regularly scheduled pond openings, dredging, and oyster population restoration.
  • The Town of Edgartown extended sewers to serve an additional 300 homes.
  • These measures meet the Total Maximum Daily Load for the current level of development, but further efforts will be needed to deal with future growth.

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