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The Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC) is the regional planning agency for Martha’s Vineyard Island and the Elizabeth Islands (together, comprising the County of Dukes County).

The mission of the MVC is twofold: (1.) To assist our region’s 7 towns (Aquinnah, Chilmark, Edgartown, Gosnold, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, & West Tisbury) with planning expertise; and (2.) Protect and enhance the islands’ environment, economy, character, and social fabric.

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Recordings of Thursday night MVC Commission Meetings can be found on MVTV.  Search their site by entering the meeting date M.D.YY (example 12.1.22)

HEADLINES - What's New

100% Renewable Plan

The MVC has released a report that provides a comprehensive overview of the Island's energy landscape and a path toward eliminating carbon emissions by 2050.

Created by MVC Energy Planner Kate Warner, Getting to 100% Renewable highlights key steps to address the Island's goal of transitioning to renewable energy by 2040, and the Island's requirement to decarbonize by 2050. The report draws from several Island groups and resources focused on climate change mitigation, including the MVC Climate Action Task Force, Vineyard Power, the Vineyard Sustainable Energy Committee, the Vineyard Climate Action Plan, and the Island Climate Action Network. 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and shifting to renewable sources will require a major shift in how the Island powers its buildings and vehicles, and where it gets its energy. As the report notes, "It also presents a huge opportunity to change our community for the better. By achieving 100% renewable, we can also have cleaner air, healthier people, and a more equitable and properous community for everyone."

For more information, contact Kate Warner.

posted 3/15/2024


MV Groundwater Hydrology Study Update

posted 4/4/2024

On March 21, 2024 Tim McCobb, of USGS, presented an update on their multi-year groundwater hydrology study of Martha's Vineyard.  The study examines the effects of sea-level rise and climate change on the Island's groundwater resources.

Watch his presentation here on the MVC's YouTube channel.

Contact Sheri Caseau, the MVC's Water Resource Planner, if you questions.

Open Space Guideline Map - Updated Version Adopted 3/7/2024

The proposed draft 2024 Open Space Guideline Map was adopted by the MVC on 3/7/2024.  The 2024 version is effetive as of that date.

The Martha's Vineyard Commission has a new (2024) Open Space Guideline Map.  this is the map referenced in the MVC's Open Space Preservation Policy.

Using the same input criteria, weighting scale, and suitability modeling methodology, the MVC used the most current version of the 23 input criteria to compile this updated map.

If you have questions about the map, please reach out to Chris Seidel, the MVC's Catorgrapher/GIS Coordinator.

Questions relating to DRIs (Developments of Regional Impact) &/or implementation of the Open Space Preservation Policy, please contact Rich Saltzberg, the MVC's DRI Coordinator.

posted 3/14/2024


Wildfire Risk & Mitigation Storymap

posted 2/13/2024

This new Storymap release focuses on wildfire risk and mitigation on the Island. The MVC worked with local & state partners, along with a consultant team, to complete a Community Wildfire Protection Plan in late 2021. Education on this hazard is an ongoing part of the work to dial back our risk and become a fire adapted community.

Please share the resource freely so we can get eyes wide open on this issue. There are a number of interactive maps included to help the community understand our risk on both the island-scale, as well as in our own backyards.

Read All About It - in the MVC Quarterly - December Issue

posted 12/15/23


Please read the latest edition of the MVC Quarterly.  This newsletter has a great summary of all the on-going planning work which the MVC staff are busy plugging away on.

All 7 towns in Dukes County contribute an annual assessment to the MVC and those funds fuel these efforts.

Future MVC Quarterly newsletters will be posted to this page.  Please contact Alex Elvin if you'd like to sign-up to receive the Quarterly via email.


Regional Transportation Plan 2024 thru 2044

The MVC Joint Transporta­tion Committee has adopt­ed its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for 2024-2044, setting the stage for more targeted transportation planning in the years ahead.

The RTP is updated every four years and includes detailed analysis of the transportation network, specific objectives and actions related to each transportation mode (ferry, bike, automo­bile, etc.), and proposed funding allocations over the next 20 years.

This year’s update covers several important developments, in­cluding the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Census, the state’s 2021 Climate Law and Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2050, the 2022 Vineyard Climate Action Plan (CAP), and initiation of the Steam­ship Authority’s first ever strategic planning process in 2023.

For more info, contact Mike Mauro, the MVC's Regional Transportation Planner.


posted 12/13/2023

Just Released --> Martha's Vineyard Statistical Profile 2023

posted 12/7/2023

The MVC is excited to announce the release of the updated Statistical Profile of 2023.  This document does include data for all of Dukes County (MV Island plus Gosnold).  Statistical overviews are provided for Energy, Housing, Economy, Transportation, Environment, and Demographics.

Visit the Statistical Profile webpage for links to higher resolution maps and prior versions of the statistical profile.  

If questions, please contact the MVC's Research & Communications Manager, Alex Elvin.

New Economic Report for Oak Bluffs

Economic and Municipal Finance Data Report

A new MVC report gathers data from local, state, and federal sources to illustrate economic and municipal finance trends in Oak Bluffs over the last 10 years. The report also includes a current business inventory based on property type and value. Much of the data was gathered as part of an update to the Martha’s Vineyard Statistical Profile, which the MVC expects to release this year. For more info, contact Alex Elvin.

posted 11/3/2023

Where Might Flooding Occur

With hurricane season on everyone's mind, this is a reminder about the Storm Tide Pathways application.  Created by the Center for Coastal Studies in 2022 (funded by the MVC), the STP App shows where flooding might occur and how deep based on forecasted tide levels.

App's landing page with links to backgound info.

App's how-to video.

Storm Tide Pathways App.

If you have questions, please reach out to Liz Durkee (climate change) or Chris Seidel (GIS) of the MVC.


posted 9/14/23


New Release -- > Climate Risk Assessment for Martha's Vineyard

map created by Woodwell Climate Research Center

posted 8/3/2023

The Woodwell Climate Research Center has just released the Climate Risk Assessment for Martha's Vineyard.  You can download the full document or view on Woodwell's website.

The Woodwell Climate Research Center conducted a climate risk assessment for Martha’s Vineyard, analyzing the impacts of climate change on physical hazards. As a result of climate change, the probability of the historical 100-year rainfall event, a useful indicator of flood risk, is expected to increase slightly by mid-century and be five times more likely by late-century. The likelihood of extreme drought events will also rise, with an increase of 44% by mid-century and 94% by late-century. Related to drought, more high-danger wildfire days will occur; with an additional eight wildfire danger days per year by mid-century and 17 additional days, a near doubling of the historical level, by late-century. This report underscores the importance of localized and freely available climate risk assessments to support climate-resilient decision-making for communities. The findings are crucial for planning a more resilient future for all residents of Martha’s Vineyard.

Please contact the MVC's Climate Change Coordinator, Liz Durkee or Woodwell scientist Andrew Condiafor more info.

Potential Solutions Report Released

The Potential Solutions report for the Up-Island Watershed Management Plan (aka 208 Equivalency Report) has just been released.  In collaboration with RJS Development Solutions and Wright-Pierce, the MVC compiled this document to describe "...a variety of technologies and approaches for mitigating impaired waters and habitats" on Martha's Vineyard.  Intended for Town board members and residents alike, the advantages and disadvantages of each option are explained.

Please reach out to the MVC's Water Resource Planner, Sheir Caseau, for more info.  This project has been funded by MassDEP.

posted 6/30/2023

Photo Credit: Mark Lovewell - The Vineyard Gazette 2014


Carbon Sequestration Study on MV

The Woodwell Climate Research Center is developing an above ground and below ground model of carbon sequestion for Martha's Vineyard.  This work is a collaboration with the MVC's Climate Action Task Force and the Sheriff's Meadow Foundation.  The above ground model is anticipated to be completed in the Spring of 2023. 

Visit the project's website or read the more detailed desctiption to learn more.

Questions? Please contact Ben Robinson (CATF chairperson)

posted 1/4/2023


ArcGIS Online Homepage

As administrator of our regional ArcGIS OnLine cloud space, the MVC has updated the site's homepage.  Visitors to the site, including town employees and the general public, should have an easier time finding the interactive maps they are looking for.

Or maybe you'll stumble upon something neat & interesting that you didn't even know you were looking for.  Check it out.

Contact the MVC's GIS Coordator, Chris Seidel, if you have questions.

posted 10/14/22


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