Transportation Data and Reports

Transportation DataTransportationDataandReports

The following are some results of the MVC’s transportation data collection program.

Transportation Studies and Reports

  • Shared Transportation Engineer: This 2020 report recaps a pilot project which provided the six island towns with engineering and design capacity for transportation improvement projects. 
  • Vineyard Transportation Citizen Survey: This 2000 survey looked at a variety of transportation issues. 
  • Lagoon Pond Bridge Recommendations: This 2004 report by the Lagoon Pond Bridge Project Committee in response to proposals to replace the drawbridge. 
  • Tisbury System of Connector Roads: This 2005 study looked at the possibility of establishing a system of connector roads between State Road and the Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road, using Evelyn Way, High Point Lane, and Holmes Hole Road, which would allow some traffic to bypass the congested Look Street intersection.
  • The Blinker Intersection: This 2006 study analyzed various possible improvements to the intersection of Barnes Road and the Edgartown – Vineyard Haven Road in Oak Bluffs.
  • Extension of Martha's Vineyard Shared Use Path Network: This 2009 study identified the missing gaps in the Island's network of Shared Use Paths (commonly called bike paths) and identified how to complete the missing portions in order to connect the centers of the Island's three Down-Island towns with each other and with the State Forest. 
  • Traffic Analysis - Some Key Elements: One-page summary of key notions and terms used in traffic studies.
  • Edgartown - Vineyard Haven Road - Design Options: This 2014 study looked at various options for the redesign of the Edgartown Vineyard Haven in anticipation of upcoming improvements funded through the Transportation Improvement Program.  
  • Lagoon Pond Drawbridge: The MVC facilitated the work of the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge Committee, appointed by the Oak Bluffs and Tisbury Boards of Selectmen, which coordinated with MassDOT in the planning, design, and construction of the new drawbridge. 

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