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Historic Preservation Roundtable Discussion on May 7

Members of town boards and the general public are invited to discuss a number of issues related to historic preservation on Martha's Vineyard at the MVC Offices at 4 p.m.

What can historic district commissions, planning boards, the MVC, and other organizations learn from each other? Should they be collaborating more? What are the most pressing issues with respect to historic preservation on the Island? Can historic buildings outside historic districts be better protected? What about preserving community character, even when involving buildings that might not qualify as “historic”?

Chris Skelly, Massachusetts Historical Commission Director of Local Programs, will participate. 

Information: Mark London,

MVC Seeking Interns

The MVC is looking for interns to work this spring and summer, namely:

  • A spring transportation intern to start working in late April and work for 8 to 10 weeks on an inventory of sidewalks. (Application deadline: April 26).
  • A summer water quality intern to work from mid-June to late August. 

For more information, click here. 

Next Executive Director

On April 9, the Commission selected Adam Turner as the next Executive Director of the Martha's Vineyard Commission, replacing Mark London who is retiring as at the end of the summer. Adam is currently Town Planner in Colchester Connecticut. Here is his resume.
The current timetable is that Adam will start work at the beginning of August, and will take over at the end of August when Mark London retires. 

Opportunity to Help Shape Island Transportation Planning

The Martha's Vineyard Commission is working with citizens, towns, the VTA, and others to draft a new version of the Martha's Vineyard Transportation Plan by June of this year. The Island’s long-range transportation plan sets goals and strategies, and works within estimated federal and state funding to establish priorities for improvements to the Island transportation systems. All travel modes are covered: air, water, roads, bus, taxi, bicycle, and walking.  

You are invited to participate in the process in several ways.
  • Please take the Transportation Survey.
  • You can get on the email list to receive Transportation Plan updates.
  • You can submit comments anytime about transportation on and to the Island.

More information is available here.

For further information or to submit comments, please contact Priscilla Leclerc, MVC Senior Transportation Planner, via email at

Proposed Changes to Membership of the Martha's Vineyard Joint Transportation Committee

At its April 15, 2015, the Martha's Vineyard Joint Transportation Committee agreed to consider making changes to the JTC's membership. The proposal is to give the MVC and Vineyard Transit Authority a vote on the JTC. This and other revisions to the JTC bylaws can be found here.

For further information or to submit comments, please contact Priscilla Leclerc, MVC Senior Transportation Planner, via email at

Wetlands Vegetation Management

One of the challenges in the management of coastal wetlands is how to balance the desires of homeowners to clear view channels from their homes to the water and remove invasive plants, in relation to the objective of protecting these wetlands. Two upcoming events will deal with this issue.

  • All-Island Conservation Commissions: At their March 3 meeting, the All-Island Conservation Commissions started considering options for regulating or guiding such work in and adjacent to wetlands (click here for meeting minutes). This group meets from time to time at the MVC with support from the Commission. They reconvened on Tuesday, April 7 at noon, in the MVC Offices, to continue this discussion. Contact Jo-Ann Taylor with questions
  • Workshop on “In the Judgment of the Issuing Authority...”: Buffer Zone Projects, Minor Exempt Activities and RDA: With Christine Odiaga, DEP Circuit Rider. Includes a brief overview of ecological restoration procedures and other regulatory changes. The public, including businesses, is most welcome. Thursday, May 7, from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the VTA building. Sign-in and coffee at 8:30. Please register for the May workshop by e-mail to

Draft Martha's Vineyard Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan Released for Comment

The Martha's Vineyard Commission and the Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority have released a draft version of the Martha's Vineyard Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan. The main goal of having a coordinated plan is to share information on services and needs among representatives of public, private and non-profit transportation, human services providers, along with participation by the public to maximize service coverage and minimize duplication of services.
For information or to submit comments, contact MVC Senior Transportation Planner Priscilla Leclerc. 508-693-3453 x16.


Polly Hill Arboretum Releases the Martha's Vineyard Plant Selector Guide, in Collaboration with MVC Inkberry

The Polly Hill Arboretum, in collaboration with the MVC,  has created the Martha's Vineyard Plant Selector, and online tool intended to guide municipalities, landscape architects, landscapers, professional and novice gardeners towards plants with excellent horticultural, ecological, and adaptive characteristics that are suitable for the landscape uses on Martha’s Vineyard. You can specify plants native to the Island. More 

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